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The Passage
I was chilling in my room, sitting cross-legged playing NBA 2K13 on my PlayStation 3. You already know the deal... I’m playing as the ‘98 Lakers, with afro Kobe and big-ass Shaq playing against the computer a.k.a Bria’s hubby a.k.a Iverson.  It was how I’d start my evenings after a shitty Friday at school. I was probably gonna stop by over my righthand’s house later on after dinner to cool it with her. It’s just what we do.
I could feel the temperature rising with the descending sun as it had been setting. Summer is a killer for me; the days are so damn hot I wish I lived near a beach. But noooo... my family wanna be all caught up in the neck of the projects with this blazing’ heat. Shit.
There was some stuff going on in the house, I could hear it all. Ma’ and my daddy always bicker over things so stupid, it makes me roll my eyes... like, really though? It’s 7pm, like lets all just calm the hell down for once. Let today be a go
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The Return of Razura by UltimateImpact1 The Return of Razura :iconultimateimpact1:UltimateImpact1 2 0 A Friend's Abundance by UltimateImpact1 A Friend's Abundance :iconultimateimpact1:UltimateImpact1 2 0 The Horror by UltimateImpact1 The Horror :iconultimateimpact1:UltimateImpact1 1 0
Don't Bother
Thinking back to it all, it happened ten years ago,
But it feels like it was yesterday, seeing you rock that 70’s ‘fro.
Why did it have to be me?
This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.
You broke me when I was eleven years old,
I knew no worse pain.
I found out the truths of the lies ma told,
I nearly went insane.
Betrayal damaged my heart so bad I didn’t think I was gonna survive.
I thought my life was over when you both wanted to separate,
A whirlwind of drama hit me all at once I couldn’t even think straight,
But I knew Jade was gonna help me thrive.
I remember when you always held me,
Made me feel like daddy's little girl.
The bond we shared swelled me,
You used to assure me that what I am to you is like a pearl.
Where did all that go?
All of a sudden I wasn’t shit to you.
Leaving out every night and not tuck me in,
I depended on you so much, and you left me dry.
I lost all of my respect for you,
And my confidence.
I wish I could just forget about
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Sesshomaru Asleep by Rinter Sesshomaru Asleep :iconrinter:Rinter 1,166 294
A Decision That Has Been In The Making
The post graduate life has not been as glamourous as they often try to make you think. But until recently, it hasn't really hit me as much as I thought it would. I've been arting off and on here and there, and I've been doing my best to kinda get stuff done while job hunting, but not much has been coming my way. I've been trying. Lord knows I've been trying, but so far, mostly fruitless. Some bills are racking up, people have been getting on my booty, so I've made a decision. A very conscious one, but one nonetheless.
For a while I've debated on ways to make money, and well, do things here and there, and down the line, I will reopen commissions. Once I have a proper living space, or at least a way to pump out things as best as i can, since I lack an actual work space, I will make that a thing. And I will start streaming again, and doing sketch streams for the $10 waist ups at a point again soon.
But as I job hunt, I made the decision to...
:iconblackkusanagi:BlackKusanagi 3 7
none of your business - COMMISSIONS EXPIRED.
hey guys, same deal as last time, max of three orders each. single character pinups with simple/no backgrounds. 
finished pinup - $55
bust - $35
sketches - $20 for a sketch, additional $10 for colour.
not going to bother with any in-between stuff this time.
all prices are in $USD
payment via PayPal
no point commissions. i have no use for points.
no nudity. playing it safe cause PayPal don't like it.
payment in advance. i wont even start on your drawing until it happens.
no refunds. im not getting stuck into a drawing to find the customer wants their money back. it means ive wasted time and effort.
- turnaround will vary. i do this in my own time, and in my own time i draw other things too.
- be aware of and familiar with my work. you can see what i enjoy drawing and what im good at.
- all work will be uploaded online unless specified (surprise gift perhaps?) 
- any work already paid for w
:iconsamuraiblack:samuraiblack 22 25
She's So Beautiful by Retorman She's So Beautiful :iconretorman:Retorman 162 48
Ryusoko - Commissions List 4/10 Slot OPEN !!!!
Meow :3 deviantART deviantART deviantART **Commissions News** deviantART deviantART deviantART  Meow :3 
Hiiiii guys!!!! - . -
Here my Fanpage to see the when i start the Streaming on Facebook
  ---- Thanks for waiting... ----
Meow :3 deviantART   **Rules**  <da:emoticon id="617" profile="undefined">
:iconryusoko:Ryusoko 3 2
Commission - Arcade Star Dahlia by NikoH Commission - Arcade Star Dahlia :iconnikoh:NikoH 155 5 AT Misia the Policegirl! by FenRox AT Misia the Policegirl! :iconfenrox:FenRox 247 50
Commissions INFO
How it all works: if you want to commission me send a note telling me what you want drawn and the deadline (if there is one). I will provide you with a sketch, then other proof images that I AM working on your commission. This is so that the commissioner is satisfied with the outcome and to make alterations when they are needed. References are awesome and highly recommended so that I can fully understand what it is you're after ;P When the drawing is finished I will send you the low resolution image (for eg 300x300 pixels) and will give you the full version/high resolution image AFTER I receive payment.
Methods of payment: Paypal
Approximately how long I take: 2 weeks for a full-body digital, 1 day if it's a full-body traditional
What I can draw: anime both traditional and digital, semi-realism
What I can't/won't draw:  anthro( for eg. a cat's / wolf's/ fox's body with human features), mecha
Sketches 10$

Traditional Bust 15$
Traditional Fullbody 20$
:iconyoneyu:yoneyu 3 10
Night City Lights by froxalt Night City Lights :iconfroxalt:froxalt 886 24 The Weather Goddess and The Beast by WOLFBLADE111 The Weather Goddess and The Beast :iconwolfblade111:WOLFBLADE111 29 24 Serpent and Styx by SapphireGamgee Serpent and Styx :iconsapphiregamgee:SapphireGamgee 20 14 Ndolkah and Miss Serpent  - Commission by Ryusoko Ndolkah and Miss Serpent - Commission :iconryusoko:Ryusoko 96 24 Miss Serpent by FooRay Miss Serpent :iconfooray:FooRay 252 22 commission - Windranger x Drow Ranger by CherryInTheSun commission - Windranger x Drow Ranger :iconcherryinthesun:CherryInTheSun 520 57 Artifist Pin Up by Suppa-Rider by Badguyinstall Artifist Pin Up by Suppa-Rider :iconbadguyinstall:Badguyinstall 13 2 Queen's Gambit Declined by Ouroboros19XX
Mature content
Queen's Gambit Declined :iconouroboros19xx:Ouroboros19XX 3 1




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